Ex Officio

Ex Officio Definition (Lat. by virtue of his office). Many powers are granted and exercised by public officers which are not expressly delegated, or an office may be an incident to another, and filled by the incumbent thereof. Thus, the mayor may be ex officio a member of the city board of […]

Condominium Property

Condominium Property Cause of Action to Enforce, or Declare Invalid, Restriction on Use of Condominium Property: an Overview This section examines this type of action. This subject identifies the various elements of the Cause of Action to Enforce, or Declare Invalid, […]


Agitprop Agitprop (in Politics) Related to political science, the following is a definition of Agitprop in the U.S. practice of politics: Political propaganda, usually espousing a left-wing ideology and disseminated through literature or performing arts. The term is […]