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Ex Parte

Ex Parte Latin for by one party. Ex parte refers to a kind of legal proceeding initiated for the benefit of only one party. A party applies for an ex parte proceeding, and if granted, the adversary may not be notified that it will occur. At an ex parte hearing, only one [...]

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Annual Benefit Limit

Annual Benefit Limit Annual Benefit Limit in Health Care Law A definition of Annual Benefit Limit is available here: The maximum amount your plan will pay in a calendar year.

Ad Valorem Tax

Ad Valorem Tax Other Popular Tax Concepts Federal Income Tax Law (sometimes, including Ad Valorem Tax) Tax Code (sometimes, including Ad Valorem Tax) Income Tax (sometimes, including Ad Valorem Tax) Tax Law Careers (sometimes, including Ad Valorem Tax) Tax Law Jobs [...]

Jus Aedilicium

Jus Aedilicium Introduction to Jus Aedilicium The purpose of Jus Aedilicium is to provide a broad appreciation of the Jus Aedilicium legal topic. Select from the list of U.S. legal topics for information (other than Jus Aedilicium).

Constitutional Interpretation, Radical Populist

Constitutional Interpretation, Radical Populist Radical Populist Constitutional Interpretation United States Constitution According to the Encyclopedia of the American Constitution, about its article titled RADICAL POPULIST CONSTITUTIONAL INTERPRETATIONAlthough the Supreme [...]